Structure and Functions of Human Eyes

Structure and Functions of Human eyes: Human eyes are the most important parts of the body, and they play a vital role in life. 

There is nothing in the world without eyes. Eyes are like the camera to see everything good and bad in life. The eyes have many types of an adjusting mechanism for focusing the image of an object. 


The inability of the eye to see the image of objects clearly is called a defect of vision. Defect eyesight arises when the eye lens is unable to accommodate both orderly. The image and reading material are therefore looking blurred while seeing them.


Many peoples struggle in life due to disorder eyes, this is natural phenomena, that many people born with the disorder, and some people face disorders problems because of a minimum level of calcium in their body. 

Furthermore, many peoples decrease disorder problems by wearing eyeglasses. Eyeglasses play important functions to minimize the disorder cause in our life.

Structure and Functions of Human Eyes



Many peoples cannot see things clearly from distance without the aid of eyeglasses spectacles. The defect of vision is known to short sight or nearsightedness and it may be due to the eyeball being too long. 

Peoples face different types of difficulties while watching television or computers due to defects in near eyesight.

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The same problem with far sight eyes is also a difficult situation. Human eyes didn’t focus clearly to capture the true picture or writings from some distance. To overcome this problem, always use some natural ingredients to recover eyesight slowly. 


STEP # 1 Make a regular hobby to walk in the fresh grass with bare feet every morning time.

STEP # 2. Use natural fresh carrot daily with your eating i.e. at lunch or for dinner regularly. Many Research papers, recommended the usage of carrot for the betterment of eyesight.

STEP # 3. Another natural ingredient i.e. cucumber is the best vegetable for health as well for best for the improvement of eyesight. 



Eyes are a unique and more important God gifted asset in human life. Yes, it is very difficult to protect eyes from a hazardous situation, but by wearing the appropriate and according to physician advice glasses, we can make our eyesight safe and sustain.

For that, cleaning of eyes with antibacterial soap and use sunglasses while in the open air, and using eyeglasses while in office work are very essentials practice.

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