How To Maintain Good Eyesight | 8 Methods That Work for All

Dropping eyesight these days is a common phenomenon, most of the peoples struggle to get back original eyesight and they see all things neat and clean.  However, with the passage of time and getting elder age, most of the peoples get low near and farsightedness problems. 

In this short article, I’ll explain some basic useful tips and hobbies that can help you to regain your eyesight gradually. 

Although this is not a short time exercise, you need to continue it with passion and hope you will see the signs of indications of improvements in your eyesight. These tips are useful for all who struggle with weak eyesight in any stage of age.


Almost every person has electric devices in the shape of mobile, tablet, and laptop in the current era and spending around 12 to 18 hours a day with these devices. Harmful output layers from devices are directly triggered by human eyesight. 

Most of us don’t know how these layers affect our eyes and how to care for eyesight while using devices.  To overcome eyesight issues just you need to minimize your time spending on it and wear safety lens glasses while working on it. Functions of Human Eye

How to Maintain Eyesight 8 Methods That Work for All

Give some time break during the working on your devices and allow your eyes to rest for a while to get ready for the next assignments. Close your eyes for while 5 to 10 minutes to get relaxed.




In summer the sun is well near with earth and its direct layers affect the whole human body whenever you in the open air. 

Keep safety lens glasses with you when the plan to evacuate from home or office.  Specifically, motorbike riders should wear safety lens glasses to prevent eyes from the dusty breeze and flying debris while riding a bike on highways.

Properly wash eyes with clean and freshwater and dry it with soft tissue always when you come home from the office or market.



In whole day work, immediately need rest to your eyes, so don’t work at night and make sure to sleep well in time so your eyes can get more relaxed and ready for the next day.  At least 6 to 8 hours of rest in bad is necessary to regain the body and eyes energy. Foods For Eyesight Improvement




Don’t use artificial cosmetics and makeup ingredients daily.  Wash your face with neat and clean water and dry it with soft cotton in the daily morning. 

Artificial cosmetic directly affects eyesight so try to minimize artificial things and maximize natural ingredients just like lemon. Lemon is best for eyesight so few drops of lemon in water are enough to clean eyes properly.




Natural ingredients are best for the whole human body, especially for eyesight. So make sure to use cucumber, carrot, and lemon in your daily food recipes. Other green vegetables are also best for your eyesight maintenance. 

Secondly, make it a hobby to wake up early morning and walk in fresh grass with bare feet for 10 to 20 minutes. It will give you awesome relax including freshness feel in a whole day. Your feet' connection is direct with your brain and eyes. Morning walk without shoes is the best-tested method for eyesight improvement.




Most of the people watching TV for a long time without break and ultimately they lose their eyesight.  Watching television for a long time is dangerous for eyesight.




Past boiled tea bag surrounding eyes and get relax for while before sleeping:
If you feel pain in your eyes, massage slowly surrounding of eyesight and a past boiled tea bag for 5 to 10 minutes before sleeping. 

The tea bag is best to remove dust from eyesight as well as the surrounding of the eyes. After this process, wash your eyes with fresh water and dry with soft cotton. How i Lose Eyesight?




Do contact with an eye specialist for accurate eyesight prescription. Buy glasses lens according to the recommendation of an eye specialist and ask eye technicians to prepare glasses with the polarized lens as per eyesight prescription.




Chain-smoking is the top killer of human eyesight. In recent research, most of the peoples face eyesight problems due to smoking in a room or it hurt eyes open side as well.  To minimize or if possible to discontinue smoking for better health and better eye vision. 

Alcohol is another factor for poor eyesight. Drinking of alcohol is ultimate damages the lunges and it’s repercussions drop eyesight gradually.

Hopefully, the above-mentioned points will help you to re-enhance your weak eyesight and health. If you have any suggestions and advice about the above, please do write in the comments, so I’ll incorporate your valuable feedback in our upcoming article. 

If you like this and got some sort of knowledge from this short article, please share it in your friend’s domain for wider information and knowledge. Human eyes are a very important part of the body and need comprehensive care.  

Due to a lack of knowledge and seriousness regarding eyesight issues, many of us lose this precious gift from God. Our minimal efforts will give us sharp life. I welcome your feedback and suggestion to improve human eyesight and provide a better life for others. Structure of Human Eyes


The eyeglasses blog is intended to provide you all information related to the human eye and eyeglasses for better protection including how to get better eyesight tips and tricks. I hope this article will give you at least basic knowledge about eye health, eye status and eye make up tips to look smart and enjoy life.  

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