How I Lose My Eyesight? A Drastic Truth

I’m 45 years old and belongs to a middle-class family, I started my job as a photocopier operator in a private sector and do this job more or less for 5 years.  Before starting a job, my eyesight was perfect for near and fare look experience.  

After 2 years spend in the photocopier machine, I feel that the eyesight going down gradually, because I always look at the laser layers of the copier machine. 

 After 3 years of job as a copier operator, I started to wear eyeglasses to protect eyesight, but the preventive action was too late and I decided to let the job. Ache Chasme Ki Pehchan Kia Hai?




  1. Normally watched side effects of poor visual perception are
  2. Obscured vision
  3. High nearsighted conditions
  4. Trouble in perusing
  5. A migraine amid perusing
  6. Consuming sensation and watering of the eyes.



Always wear safety glasses whenever you use the photocopier machine so you can prevent your eyes from direct light and dangerous layers from the copier machine.

How I Lose My Eyesight A Drastic Truth




I use a motorbike approx 3 years without sunglasses and my eyes hurt often with flying debris and another hazardous insect while drive motorbike. Riding a motorbike without sunglasses is very dangerous for all.



It is strongly recommended to wear safety glasses while driving a motorbike




Spending more time in front of electric devices i.e. Television, Desktop, Laptop, Pad, and mobile is more hazardous for eyesight.  I spent many hours using my own laptop and mobile devices and ultimately these devices hurt my eyesight badly. Best Gogal Chasma




It is suggested to minimize using electric devices and give some time for your eyes to relax. 

For eyesight safety, avoid doing these:
Do not watch TV for a long time, minimize the usage of electric devices as you can, wear safety glasses whenever you out from home and office, always focus on healthy food i.e. carrot and cucumber both are the best natural ingredients for eyesight.




Naturally, there is an age factor which causes eyesight issues, but if you want to maintain eyesight for a long time, adopt the mentioned recommendations and hope these small actions will give you good results in the coming life. How I lose eyesight? A drastic truth

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