How to Clean Glasses & Contact Lenses?

How to Clean Glasses & Contact Lenses?

How to Clean Glasses & Contact Lenses Keeping your eyeglasses neat and clean for a long time of period, is a major issue. 

Most peoples do not care about their eyeglasses lens; they need enough attention to keep them alive for a long time of period.

There is not rocket science to do lens cleaning properly. But it needs some sort of careful attention to do that. 

Glasses lens are the main part of eyeglasses which directly affects your eyesight, without the quality of the lens your glasses worth is always questionable and not up to the level of acceptance, according to your eyes requirement,

If your glasses lens not properly neat and clean, you will face huge vision issues, and ultimately it makes the worst effects on an eye. Follow the following some homemade tips to keep at least your glasses clean. | REMOVE LENS SCRATCHES EASILY|


Properly cover of your eyeglasses after off. For them, you need soft woolen cloth or tissues to cover it entirely and keep them in a safe portion.


Make sure your glasses inbox while sleeping or resting anywhere else. Plastic and hard boxes are always recommended for eyeglasses. After making some financial investment in a pair of eyeglasses, be sure to take care of it.

If you care about your glasses, it will last longer and serve you better. some vision center technicians and glasses maker’s practical experience, most lenses are made of plastic, you still required being careful when cleaning eyeglasses.

According to the level of dirtiness, use either wet or dry cleaning techniques. Always use a dry lint-free cloth to gently run the wipe with soft hands on the front and backside of the lens and each time you clean your eyeglasses, check the nose pads, hinges, and another screw that are pressing the lens with the frame.

During this cleaning process, also make sure that all screws are tight, not loose; otherwise, your glasses will break badly. Another option is to use a small screwdriver to tighten any screws that become loose.

If your glasses lens is seriously dirty and having deep scratches then direct contact with vision center for better repairing. When cleaning glasses, be sure not to distort or bend the frames or nose pads.

Certain types of metal frames, especially those made of thin wire, are easily bent. If you do unintentionally bent them and can’t easily fix them. It is better to take them directly to the vision center.

Making glasses clean at home is not a permanent solution, it may help you to make glasses clean for a while, but the proper cleaning of the lens is with a professional technician is better. 

It is mandatory to do the above-mentioned procedures on, regular basis to enhance the lens life, and also it will help to improve the eyesight as well.

Crystal lens means crystal eyesight. Compromise with the eyeglasses lens is the result of the major loss of eyesight.

How to Clean Glasses & Contact Lenses


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