How To Remove Scratches From Glasses With Lemons + Colgate?

Glasses lens scratches are a growing issue and often peoples face them. In this post, we'll discuss How To Remove Scratches From Glasses With Lemons + Colgate? with some basic knowledge about the lens. 

There are many types of methods and many peoples applying it to eliminate the lens scratches.  But maximum tricks not working properly.  For example, toothpaste which is a common trick in use since earlier time.

In this article, we'll discuss regarding causes of scratches and how we care lens from scratches which is the main cause to affect lens directly. Glasses lens are the most sensitive parts and need proper care of it to make lens life longer and better vision results. To prevent glasses lens from uneven scratches, need to care glasses lens with the utmost level of standard.

If you want to care for your glasses lens, always use high-quality lens glasses and make sure to maintain it with high care. Following is the best practice to remove scratches from the glasses lens. Student Who Wants To Study in US GCU Portal

How To Remove Scratches From Glasses With Lemons+Colgate?

If you found your glasses lens widening scratches, always use a soft cotton or wool cloth with a little abrasive toothpaste brush to rapidly buff away scratches from eyeglasses. Rub the lens correctly, moving the cloth in small circles. Continue this motion for around 1 minute and rinse with cold water and wipe dry. 

Another solution to removing scratches is to use baking soda may also use to lift lens scratches. Make a thick paste from baking soda and some hot water. Then run the brush on the lens slightly for some time and after that, use a soft wool cloth to dry it softly.

Another product that works well for removing scratches from eyeglasses is car cleaning was. It’s often used to polish automobiles, it can also fill the and remove scratches on glasses and plastic lens.



Most of the peoples who wear glasses are always facing lens scratches problems. Glasses lens is all about quality and durability. It is recommended that before buying any kind of glasses, always make sure that the selected glasses have a quality lens with anti-glare. 



Once your wrong decision cost you forever. Eyes are a unique gift from nature and we want to care for them at any cost.  A wrong selection of glasses will ultimately damage the eyes shortly. How To Get Scratches Out?    




LEMON is a tested method to eradicate light scratches from glasses and it works for me. Many people applying lemon fruit to for wash of cups and other eating thing is also better to remove lens scratches. 

Brush with low heat water for a minute or more and mix the lemon oil with it gradually brush on the glasses lens for three minutes and see the result. 

How to Remove Scratches From Glasses With Toothpaste?

After this practice, dry your glasses lens with soft cotton and you will see amazing results of lemon removed light scratches from the glasses lens initially. Lemon is the recommended ingredients for removing lens scratches. 

Mix some Colgate paste with lemon and gradually mixed both. After that, first clean the glasses lens with soft cotton then put the past in the lens. 

Keep 1 or 2 minutes past the lens then lightly play soft brush in the lens. Light hot water also needed to clean the lens after brushed so keep water in near.



Glint is the most common thick oil to be good for glasses scratches. It's also used with a cotton cloth. Initially, clean glasses with hot water then put the glint on glasses and wait for some minutes, after that, apply the cotton cloth and buff for several minutes. 

Simply use a clean cloth to remove any excess polish from the glasses lens. You may repeat the process continue until the scratch is completely removed. 

If you have an anti-scratch coating on your eyeglasses lens, you may have to rub this off completely first. This will not damage the lens but will make it more difficult to get to the scratches.




These useful tips give us how to polish the eyeglasses lens using 2 cheap and useful products, metal polish, and rubbing alcohol. Select a low abrasive metal polish and past it to buff away at each scratch. 

However, it will take a moment to polish out the product, so keep persevering! Use cotton to apply to rub alcohol you’ve finished giving it a thorough clean.




It is strongly recommended to clean your eyeglasses lens at a regular time but you should always ensure you use the right ingredients to prevent scratching.




It is recommended to use eyeglasses lens cleaning solutions or lens wipes. Don’t use highly concentrated household cleaners as these can damage the coating on the eyeglasses lens.




All-time use the cleaning cloth supplied with your glasses. Don’t use a paper towel, tissues, or corner of your shirt as these materials can lightly damage the lens, and scratches arise gradually in the lens. Glasses Parts Name




Make sure the glass taking cares tips follow when removing your glasses from their safety case or your face as dropping your glasses on hard the surface can often lead to lens scratches. Always use both hands to on-off glasses from your face with a tight grip.




When your eyeglass is not in use, keep them in cover case, as more often than not they can be sat or knocked to the floor and damage. A hard preventive glasses case close completely will assure your glasses are in safe custody and free from scratches.



Above mentioned methods already experiment and these methods eliminate scratches from glasses but should be used mentioned method with care up to the level of acceptance. Make sure to wear gloves and read manufacturer guidance manual instructions before applying any of these methods. 

Don't apply any abrasive solutions to glasses, or you risk causing server damage to the lenses. Important materials that can necessary for cleaning/removing scratches of eyeglasses are mention hereunder: 

Hand gloves, soft cotton, wool cloths, toothpaste brush, baking soda, brass polish, hydrochloride acid, armor etch, hot water, silver polish, wiper kit, and other things that can help you to remove scratches from your eyeglasses.


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